Planning for retirement is ‘The Big Decision’ for later life and is often a major factor regarding your lifestyle in your retirement years – years that should allow you to do the things you have dreamt of, now that you have the time.

For us, mediocrity will not serve our goals or those of our customers. Our aim is to outperform industry benchmarks and be passionate and creative to do so. We are constantly innovating to create a difference in the Energy Services sector and have completed the enhancement of retirement planning options with a very special and bespoke International Retirement Scheme with distinct benefits designed specifically for those working in this sector. Talk to your M1 Malaysia Ltd consultant about this new exciting development, it will be a lifestyle choice you must consider.


  • No restrictions imposed upon you at maturity (for example as in the UK).
  • Complete independence and control to meet your individual retirement needs.
  • Choice of single or regular contributions.
  • A variety of assets can be held in the scheme.
  • Tax-free growth.
  • Choice of major currencies.
  • Access to a wide range of investments.
  • Access to a professional Investment Management team.
  • Freedom to appoint your own discretionary Investment Manager.
  • Access to your funds.
  • Retire when it suits you.
  • Flexibility to increase and decrease contributions without penalty.

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